Joshua Jackson doesn’t really see how a “Dawson’s Creek” reunion could happen.

“I think people forget that we killed Michelle,” Jackson says on the latest episode of “The IMDb Show”, referring to the death of Michelle Williams’ character Jen Lindley.

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Asked if his time on “Dawson’s Creek” were the best years of his life, Jackson says, “No. These are the best years of my life.”

He adds, “I had a great time. Mostly. I had a good time. 19 to 24, everything’s difficult, you’re all mixed up, you don’t know your place in the world yet. I would not go back there, no.”

Also in the interview, Jackson talks about the pleasure of working with director Ava DuVernay on the new Netflix miniseries “When They See Us”.

Jackson also sat down with IMDb to give his take on which TV shows do and don’t deserve a remake.

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Remakes Jackson would like to see include an ’80s-style reboot of “CHiPs”, “The West Wing” and the TV sitcom “Alf”, which he adds he would totally be available for.

As for the shows he wouldn’t want to see get remade: “Friends” and “Serenity”.

And which current show is Jackson’s favourite right now? “Claws” with Niecy Nash.