Comedy legends are lending their voices to the upcoming Disney film “Toy Story 4”.

Betty White, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner join “Toy Story” veterans Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in the upcoming sequel as a group of baby toys.

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According to director Josh Cooley the icons will voice characters named after themselves. Burnett, 86, will voice a children’s seat named Chairol Burnett, while Reiner, 97, will play an adorable pink Carl Reineroceros. Meanwhile, “Golden Girls” star, White, 97, will voice a teething toy called Bitey White and Brooks, 92, is set to star as a purple elephant named Melephant Brooks.

“It was wonderful the way they incorporated our names into the characters,” White says. “And I’m a sucker for animals, so the tiger was just perfect!”

Reiner added, “To be represented by a cute little toy character is not the worst thing in the world.”

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The foursome join Woody (Hanks) and Buzz (Allen), settling into their new lives as young Bonnie’s toys after their first owner Andy let them go in “Toy Story 3”, but they find themselves cast aside as Bonnie becomes too old for her baby toys.

“Toy Story 4” hits big screens June 21.