‘The View’ Co-Hosts Call Out Donald Trump For Denying He Called Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’

The ladies of “The View” are taking aim at Donald Trump after the U.S. President denied he called Meghan Markle “nasty” – despite an audio recording of his remark.

On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow morning show co-hosts called Trump out, playing the full audio of his comments made after Markle reportedly said she would move to Canada if he were elected to office.

“What can I say?” Trump is heard in response to the Duchess Of Sussex’s comments. “No, I didn’t know she was that nasty.”

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“So, I assume he knows that’s him – some people don’t recognize their own voices,” Goldberg announced after the audio clip. “But that is you. And oftentimes you do do this; you say things like, ‘Oh I never said that,’ but there it is! So how can you deny it, knowing that there’s tape? You think we’re dumb? I guess you do.”

Meanwhile, Ana Navarro adds: “He’s called so many women ‘nasty’ that I think he’s having a hard time remembering who he called what.”

And co-host Sunny Hostin also chimed in to slam Trump’s denial, comparing it to George Orwell’s 1984. “It’s Orwellian. Don’t believe your lying eyes, don’t believe your lying ears,” she says.

Navarro ends the “Hot Topics” segment with an apology to the British people.

“Well, listen, just one last message to the Brits: ‘I’m sorry,'” she says.


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