Dr. Ruth Gives Ellen DeGeneres A Lesson On How To Best Say ‘Sex’

One of the world’s most famous doctors is stopping by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday.

Never off duty — even on her 91st birthday — the icon is there to promote her Hulu documentary “Ask Dr. Ruth”, as well as educate DeGeneres on the best way to say “sex”.

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“Say ‘sex’ with more enthusiasm,” she told the host as DeGeneres then over exaggerated “sex” every chance she got.

“What is the secret to a healthy, long life,” the comedian enquired.

“Don’t talk to anyone about your sex life, but what does help me is to talk about sex from day to night,” the birthday girl said.

The sex expert also added that while she made a vow to never talk about politics, there is one thing she has to say. “Abortion must remain legal,” she told the audience referring the to the bills in Alabama and other states that want to make abortion illegal.

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Dr. Ruth ended her interview by giving the audience tips on a long and lasting relationship in which she said it isn’t about what goes on in the bedroom. “It is more important to talk about relationships and the art of conversation,” adding, “everyone is holding on their phones.”



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