There is a lot to live up to when starring in a show with a fandom like “Outlander” and actor David Berry has experienced it first-hand.

Berry joined the cast of “Outlander” in season 3 as Lord John Grey. Berry speaks exclusively with ET Canada about what it’s been like interacting with the passionate “Outlander” fan base. “The challenge for an ‘Outlander’ actor, for me in particular, is almost removing myself from that,” he says. “There are a lot of eyes and it can be intense and distracting.”

“I don’t involve myself on Twitter, not really much on Facebook, and I’m on Instagram a little. Social media has given fans a new way to interact with television and I think it’s a really wonderful thing. It’s built really robust communities,” Berry continues. “People can really connect with the show. For actors, it’s a good way to connect with audiences but it can be very intense at times.”

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“Luckily, the experiences I have had with fans have been nothing short of wonderful,” he notes. “It’s only been positive, but I guess it just goes back to, ‘It’s wonderful but intense.'”

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have one-of-a-kind chemistry, as displayed on screen and in their online interactions. Berry has noticed it too and says the same is true for the entire “Outlander” cast. “I’m an observer of it, too. I know them as individuals and, of course, I know them as friends. It’s something really tangible, isn’t it?

“Everyone on ‘Outlander’ is very close and we get along really well. There is an intimacy in terms of understanding and friendship amongst everyone in the cast. It really translates on camera.

“For me in particular, when I’m in Scotland I’m spending a lot of time away from family,” he tells ET Canada. “In many ways, the cast and crew really become my second family. It’s not exclusive to me; I think it’s true of Caitriona and Sam and everyone else who is there.”

Berry has called both Canada and Australia home for as long as he can remember. He was born in Toronto but moved to Australia in his youth. He returned to Canada to study at McGill in Montreal before returning to Australia where he was accepted into the country’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

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Wherever he is in the world, he is definitely keeping a close eye on the Toronto Raptors championship efforts. Many have complained about rapper Drake’s courtside behaviour but Berry is all for it.

“I love it,” he exclaims. “I think it’s great for the game. Drake has done so much for the Raptors and he’s brought international attention and an audience to the NBA.

“It’s only good for the game. If the players can’t deal with it — I think he said it as well, you’ve got to start winning,” he adds. “So I’m definitely on Drake’s side.”

Along with his role in “Outlander”, Berry famously starred in the Australian drama series “A Place to Call Home” from 2013 to 2018. “Outlander” season four is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.