Krysten Ritter On Directing A ‘Jessica Jones’ Episode: ‘I’ve Had Really Great Influences’

Krysten Ritter was ready to sit in the director’s chair, thanks to the many “Jessica Jones” directors that have come before her.

The show’s lead actress had the chance to direct one of the episodes of the third and final season. “‘Jessica Jones’ has been a big chunk of my adult life now,” Ritter said in a video released by Netflix on Tuesday. “I’ve learned so much, it’s been like a boot camp for me.”

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“It’s so exciting for me to direct an episode. I wanted to have the opportunity to grow and challenge myself with my crew and cast members,” she continued. “We’ve had so many amazing directors on the show that have been amazing to me, so I feel like I’ve had really great influences along the way.”

Co-star Rachael Taylor heaped praise on Ritter: “I just feel crazy lucky that she is the person directing this [episode]. There is no single person that is as invested in ‘Jessica Jones’ as Krysten Ritter. No other director knows what it’s like to originate a superhero character.”

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“She’s an actor first and foremost and so she gets it in such an intimate way that directors just don’t,” added fellow actor Eka Darville. “She’s uniquely qualified because she understands the flow of the show and cares more than anyone else. Her enthusiasm is infectious.”

“Jessica is such a great character,” Ritter concluded. “It’s so rare that you have a character that is so powerful and so cool. I’ve always been confident in my own skin but I feel maybe I am even more so now because of her.”

The final season of “Jessica Jones” premieres June 13.

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