Trailer: Bella Thorne Gets Crazy In Love In ‘You Get Me’

Bella Thorne taps into her wild side in her upcoming movie, “You Get Me”, playing a girl hell-bent on locking down the object of her obsession.

“You know, I like to think I’m a little bit crazy anyway so to let out that side of me is really great,” Thorne tells ET Canada when we exclusively visited the set of the thriller. Thorne previously appeared in the “Scream” TV series and she’s no stranger to the dark side. “I grew up watching horror films instead of… Disney films,” she says. “So I just always love the creepy side.”

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And “You Get Me” is expected to be creepy, with some calling it the “Fatal Attraction” for millennials.

Taylor John Smith and Halston Sage play high school sweethearts whose lives are made hell by Thorne’s character, Holly. “Holly comes in and basically destroys my life,” says Sage.

Smith sees the movie as a cautionary tale. “I strongly urge people not to cheat on their loved ones,” he advises. “After reading the script I was like, ‘oh shoot, that’s not good. That’s not good.'”

“You Get Me” hits Netlfix on Friday.

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