Naomi Watts And Octavia Spencer Face Off In Trailer For Psychological Thriller ‘Luce’

Figuring out the truth about people can be a dangerous game.

In the trailer for the new psychological thriller “Luce”, Naomi Watts stars as the mother of Luce, a teenager played by Kelvin Harrison Jr. who she adopted from a war-torn country.

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Luce has grown up into an incredibly accomplished student and athlete, but his teacher Ms. Wilson, played by Octavia Spencer, has some serious concerns.

After discovering an essay in which Luce advocates for radical violence, Ms. Wilson and Luce’s parents begin to clash, forcing everyone to confront the stereotypes they buy into everyday in some scary ways.

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Directed by Julius Onah and based on the play by JC Lee, the film also stars Tim Roth.

“Luce” hits theatres August 2.

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