Tom Hardy reveals that he and his family are constantly changing phone numbers to avoid hackers who dig for personal details.

Opening up at an event in London on Tuesday, the star admits to being paranoid: “People go on to messengers and try to set up accounts with profiles, or try to get into the phone itself, or they get hold of the number and they start fishing about, and my family as well, anyone I’m related to.”;

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“You just have to bin and burn the phone and start again, we have to go through burners. We’re burning numbers left, right and centre,”; he told the Standard. “Everything just gets riddled – it’s my mum, my dad, everyone. I’ll burn numbers and then I’ll have private offline servers for my email accounts. It’s quite painful when you think about, we’re quite normal people in that aspect.”;

It’s not just about fans getting access to the star’s personal phone number and email. The “Mad Max: Fury Road”; star is concerned about his family’s privacy, especially when it comes to his children.

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“There’s personal information, which is vulnerable-making for me, and I don’t want people knowing about my kids,”; Hardy adds. “I want to protect my children and that’s one level, but on another level for business – if you’re dealing with quite a considerable amount of investment in a franchise and you’re moving editorial, imagery and picture of stuff which hasn’t gone out yet, then you’ve got to protect that.”;