Hilary Swank’s new sci-fi Netflix series “I Am Mother” presents an interesting twist, with the plot focusing on a girl who is raised by a robot, making her believe the human race is extinct.

There’s just one catch – the human race is alive and well. ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante sat down with Swank and co-star Clara Rugaard in New York City to get the scoop on the new series before it drops on Netflix on June 7.

“I had never really thought about artificial intelligence, I’m not a huge sci-fi fan in general but this script was so thought-provoking and there’s so much heart within it that I was completely drawn to it – AI and the idea of developing AI and how they’re not programmed,” Swank says. “We don’t program them. They’re built and then they have their experiences but they’re so exponentially smarter and they learn so much quicker but… do they have the ability to empathize? We don’t know that, we don’t know… you don’t know when they start having experiences with human beings that hopefully have empathy how they will react and walk around in the world.”

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Filmed in claustrophobic scenarios, Swank and Rugaard got to know each other pretty quickly on the set of the series.

“It’s always good to brush your teeth,” Swank jokes. “No, you know when you’re working intimately like that, it’s interesting because I don’t know any other business where you meet someone and then maybe the very next day you can be in each other’s arms like crying or you know you’re forced quickly to be really intimate.”

“It’s great when it works and other times it’s very vulnerable,” she adds.

For Rugaard, acting opposite two-time Oscar winner Swank was sometimes a bit of a distraction: “There were scenes when we were doing the two-handers where I would find myself forgetting that I was acting and I was like, ‘Oh yeah right, I’m here, I need to say my line now.'”

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