Australian Morning Show Descends Into Chaos When Kevin Hart Freaks Out While Trying To Groom A Massive Dog

When Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish appeared on Australian morning show “Sunrise” to promote their roles in the animated sequel “The Secret Life of Pets 2”, the hosts had a special surprise in store.

After being interviewed, the stars were presented with a challenge, with each given two minutes to groom a dog, dress them up and then take a selfie.

While Haddish was presented with a tiny little dog named Dottie, Hart was introduced to a massive South African Bullmastiff that, as Haddish pointed out, “is bigger than you!”

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Hart was not pleased, and appeared visibly panicked by having to deal with the massive mutt, making a beeline to hide behind the set.

“Kevin, come back here! We promise we won’t put you in danger!” one of the hosts told Hart, but when Rockstar began loudly barking, the comedian completely lost it.

“Help!” Hart loudly yelled. “Help!”

“Stop yelling!” one of the hosts told Hart as the segment turned into utter chaos, as Rockstar continued barking. “We will calm him down. We promise we won’t let you get hurt!”

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“I just want go on record,” declared Hart, “that this is why white people die.”

You can watch the segment in its shambolic entirety above.

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