Kimmel Gets Polite Canadian Raptors Fans To Trash-Talk The Warriors

Canadians may be too polite to truly trash-talk.

With the Toronto Raptors facing off against the Golden State Warriors in the first-ever international NBA Finals, Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew north of the border on Wednesday’s show to hear Torontonians trash-talk their American opponents.

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Except the trash talk wasn’t all that trashy.

“I would not do that against anybody,” said one woman. “Canadians don’t do that.”

Another man said, “No, no, no, we are polite, we are Canadians.”

A mother with her kids went a bit harder and said, “We’re Trini, we cook curry, so Curry’s gonna get cooked.”

“My God, what kind of monsters are those people?” Kimmel joked.

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Also on the show, Kimmel sent Guillermo all the way to Toronto to interview players at Scotiabank Arena and ask the all-important question: Why does Canada have an NBA team but not Mexico?

Guillermo took matters into his own hands, though, and started his own team, the Tijuana Piranhas. He then tried to convince the players to join his new squad.

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