Sophie Turner slapped Conan O’Brien hard as she taught him a drinking game on his show Wednesday.

Turner, who has been busy promoting her latest flick “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, insisted: “I really want to play this game with you,” — a game called Tequila Slaps.

The actress told the host, “Two people stand opposite one another. One person takes a shot and before they have time to swallow it, the other person slaps them around the face.”

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As O’Brien downed his shot, Turner whacked him across the face, to which the host said: “Wow, that was a fantastic slap!”

The “Game of Thrones” favourite then took her own shot, explaining how she had to get on a flight after the interview so would like to be drunk.

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She also recalled how she’d appeared on O’Brien’s show before with a purple hand-slap impression on her face from playing the game.