Gisele Bundchen & Naomi Campbell Among Women Making A Difference In Climate-Change Fight Celebrated By Elle Magazine

Elle is shining the spotlight on the women making a difference in the fight against climate change.

The magazine has partnered with Conservation International for its July issue, focusing on Gisele Bundchen’s passionate plea for the Brazilian rainforest, Naomi Campbell’s ongoing humanitarian and conservation efforts, Doutzen Kroes’ fight to protect the world’s elephant population, and Anja Rubik’s campaign to save oceans. Elle is also putting in the spotlight 27 of the brightest female minds who are paving the way for a sustainable future.

For Bundchen, it was a 2004 trip to the Xingu region of her native Brazil that inspired her passion for change.

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“From that moment, I knew I had to do something. I’ve been advocating for social and environmental causes ever since,” including clean water, reforestation, wildlife preservation, and clean energy. “After all, our survival depends on it,” she tells the magazine. “The damage we are doing to the environment affects us all. It is a global issue that needs to be met with global action.”

Bundchen isn’t the only supermodel striving for change. Campbell has teamed up with fellow supermodels Christy Turlington and Canadian Linda Evangelista to support Knot On My Planet, the elephant-preservation charity for which Kroes serves as global ambassador.

Campbell, who is a longtime supporter of environmental and humanitarian causes, says, “Many people have asked us to come together on numerous occasions, but we chose [Knot On My Planet] because we all feel the same way about it.”

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“Africa is very close to my heart,” she continues. “I have a place in Kenya, and it’s tragic and disgusting to know that people are killing elephants for their ivory, destroying the nature and beauty of this continent. So it wasn’t very difficult for me to say yes.”

Kroes didn’t have a hard time saying “yes” to the project either, especially with the model icons on board.

“They were my idols in the ’90s,” she reveals. “To get them involved and to see the trio in one picture… I was on set when it happened, and it was mind-blowing. Doing that for us, and for the elephants, was incredible to witness.”

Elle‘s conservation issue is on newsstands June 25. Campbell, Bundchen, Kroes, and Rubik are featured on their respective covers.

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Chris Colls/Elle
Chris Colls/Elle
Chris Colls/Elle
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