Stephen Colbert Slams Piers Morgan’s Interview With Donald Trump: ‘Is This How Far We’ve Sunk?’

As Donald Trump wraps up his visit to the U.K., Stephen Colbert is slamming “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan for his interview with the U.S. president.

“Of course, no one is allowed to leave England without first completing the mandatory exit interview with chat-show chum-bucket and TV’s loudest pile of teeth, Piers Morgan,” he began. He then played a clip of Morgan complimenting the president for being on his best behaviour.

“You were unusually — if you don’t mind me saying — well-behaved,” Morgan says in the clip. But Trump doesn’t see his behaviour as anything out of the ordinary as he replies, “I think I’m on good behaviour most of the time.”

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“Is this how far we’ve sunk?” Colbert asks. “We’re complimenting the president on being ‘well-behaved’ like he’s a dog?” he says as he bends down and pretends to talk to a dog. “Who’s a good president? Who didn’t hump the Queen’s leg? You didn’t. At least not on camera.”

For his part, Trump does admit to being impressed by Queen Elizabeth II but not for the reasons one might expect when meeting royalty.

“She can walk as fast as I can,” he says of the 93-year-old monarch, calling her a “great woman”.

“That is an odd compliment or a strange confession,” Colbert comments before doing his best Trump impression: “‘I have the frail shamble of a 93-year-old lady. Slow down, Liz, when I sweat my face bleeds into my shirt.'”


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