Bill Burr Says, When It Comes To The Raptors, Drake Is Only A ‘Super Bandwagon Fan’

Bill Burr has got no time for Drake’s extreme Toronto Raptors fandom.

With the NBA Finals in full swing, on his “Monday Morning Podcast” the comedian called out the rapper, whose courtside antics have garnered plenty of attention throughout the playoffs.

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“I watched a little bit of the NBA Finals and the fact that they’re calling Drake a superfan,” Burr said. “It’s just like, I know it’s a business, I know it’s about money, but that guy is the furthest thing from a superfan.”

Burr didn’t stop there, though, going so far as to cast doubt on Drake’s allegiance to his hometown team.

“A superfan is there through thick and thin,” he said. “Where the f**k has this guy been? All of a sudden, Drake comes in, who’s a super bandwagon fan, to the point he has to wear a f**king wristband or a headband on his f**king arm because he’s got tattoos of the jerseys of the players on the other f**king team.”

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Listen to Burr’s full rant on Drake at around the eight-minute mark of the video above.

While Drake has been known to boost other players and teams, the rapper has also been a longtime Raptors fan, appearing at games for years.

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