Nick Jonas Slams Those Purity Ring Comments, Insists It ‘Wasn’t Really Appropriate’ To Talk To A 16-Year-Old About His Sex Life

The Jonas Brothers discuss everything from purity rings to that 2013 breakup in an interview for Bazaar Men‘s debut digital cover.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas have been everywhere doing press recently and they haven’t held back when being asked about their previous, squeaky-clean image.

In the candid new chat, Nick insists it wasn’t really appropriate to talk to a teenager about sex and choosing to wear a purity ring.

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Credit: Eric Ray Davidson
Credit: Eric Ray Davidson

He explains, “The very simple answer is that it was incredibly annoying. And then it became a defining factor of who we were as a band, which was disappointing.

“I was just trying to navigate love, and romance, and what sex even meant to me, at a sensitive age. The question should have been: Is it appropriate for people to talk about a 16-year-old’s sex life? It’s absolutely not — and it wouldn’t necessarily fly today.”

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The trio talk about their infamous split and the eventual reunion, with Kevin saying, “Being back with the Jonas Brothers? I truly never thought it would happen. Like, ever. When that chapter closed, it closed. I put that book on the shelf.

“It was like, ‘You’re joking.’ And then it was like, ‘F**k this. And f**k you guys.’ I was like, ‘I’m going to go figure out what’s next for me and this will never happen again.’”

Joe adds, “I was like, ‘I’m not doing this again,'” as Nick admits: “Right after the band broke up, I didn’t know if we would ever speak again.”

The band also talk about their love lives, with Nick gushing over his wife Priyanka Chopra: “Certainly the person I ended up falling in love with and marrying is very famous and successful and all of that. I couldn’t have predicted that would happen.”

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