Emily Ratajkowski is having the last laugh.

The actress/model launched her Inamorata fashion line in 2017, consisting of lingerie, body wear and swimsuits, and thanks to her wildly popular Instagram, the line continuously flies off the shelves.

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But in an interview with Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh, Ratajkowski admits comments from “white older men” who didn’t take her seriously used to get her down, but she’s moved on.

“The initial reaction when you post a sexy photo is, ‘Oh my god, naked again, you’re so stupid, you have nothing else to offer!'” she said of using her modelling background to sell swimwear. “And I’m like actually I’m running a business off of this.”

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The “Gone Girl” actress continued, “[Social media] is part of the branding and it’s funny because you think of the idea of white older men in suits being like, ‘Oh no we don’t take her seriously.’ And we’re making more money than them.”

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