As fans anxiously await the debut of “BH90120”, a new teaser for the upcoming “Beverly Hills, 90210” reboot dropped Thursday, and it’s definitely not what anyone expected.

In the brief clip, the “90210” crew is seen gathering in the Peach Pit — or, rather, Barbie doll-like action figures depicting the various actors are in the iconic after-school hangout, with the actors voicing their respective dolls.

As the dolls banter about typical “90210” high-school topics, the Steve doll (voiced by “Sharknado” star Ian Ziering) interrupts to say, “You know what? We should do this for real.”

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Just then, the camera pulls back to reveal the actors playing with their dolls on a tiny Peach Pit set, with someone declaring, “Let’s do it,” as the show’s familiar theme song kicks in.

The new teaser comes days after the release of a previous trailer. Watch: