Ellen DeGeneres Talks Getting Back Into Stand-Up And Her Worries About Being ‘Out Of Touch’

Ellen DeGeneres took a big leap late last year with the stand-up special “Relatable”, her first in 15 years.

On Friday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the comedian offers viewers a peek at a For Your Consideration event in which she sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss her special and her long comedy career.

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In the clip, Kimmel asks DeGeneres about breaking into comedy as a woman in male-dominated industry of the early ’80s.

“I just never wanted to separate and just talk about a certain gender,” DeGeneres explains. “I wanted to talk about what it was like to be a person.”

She adds. “Men have to like you and not be threatened by you and enjoy you and relate to the same things that the women are relating to. So that’s why I always tried to make it just a people thing.”

The 61-year-old also talks about her decision to go back to stand-up by playing smaller venues at first.

“I wanted to be pure as a standup again the way I started and earn the laughs and earn people respecting what I was saying, and so to go on [stage] that first night I was so scared,” she says, adding that “it was really surprising when they laughed, so then I kept going back and building on it and building on it.”

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Plus, DeGeneres had to overcome the fear that she just didn’t have her finger on the pulse anymore.

“The whole idea of not being aware of how out of touch you are — ’cause that’s what I thought people would think of me — and so I just thought, I’m just gonna go with it,” she says. “I’m going to go into it.”

Kimmel then asks if she is, in fact, out of touch, and without missing a beat DeGeneres jokes, “Yes.”

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