Darren Criss Sings About Nacho Fries In Epic Taco Bell Ad

Darren Criss is all about turning his passions into art, and his latest passion is… Mexican spices?

On Thursday, the actor-singer shared a hilarious new commercial he’s starring in for Taco Bell’s nacho fries.

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Titled “Chasing Gold”, the ad is a mock film trailer in which Criss plays a singer pulled from obscurity.

“The melt of your cheese brought me to my knees,” Criss sings once he gets in the studio to record his first hit single.

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Soon enough he’s an international sensation, but things take a turn when Criss finds out the nacho fries are only available for a “limited time only.”

“Can’t you write about anything else?” his manager asks angrily, to which Criss responds, “I can only write about what I love.”

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