Donald Trump Says Queen Elizabeth II Had A ‘Great Time’ During His Visit

Queen Elizabeth II had a “great time” with Donald Trump during his visit to the UK, according to Trump himself.

Speaking with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Trump raved about his first state visit to England and “automatic chemistry” with the Queen, suggesting he had formed a deep bond with the monarch who was having one of the best times of her life with him.

“There are those that say they have never seen the queen have a better time, a more animated time,” Trump says, suggesting his state visit was one of the highlights of her monarchy.

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According to Trump, he and the Queen were so taken with one another, he failed to notice others were present.

“We had a period where we were talking solid straight. I didn’t even know who the other people at the table were. I never spoke to them; we just had a great time,” he says.

Trump later doubled-down on his praise of the 93-year-old royal, calling her “an incredible lady” during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

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“I feel I know her so well right now, and she certainly knows me well,” he says following their time together.

The interview was conducted in a cemetery in Normandy, France on the 75th anniversary of D-Day ahead of a remembrance celebration. “It turned out okay,” Trump said, describing the Allied invasion.

Buckingham Palace did not comment on Trump’s review of his visit, according to the New York Times.

Following his “great time” with the Queen, Trump continued to Ireland after his state visit, telling Prime Minister Leo Varadkar about the many Irish people in the U.S.

“We have millions of Irish. And I think I know most of them because they’re my friends. We love the Irish,” he said.

See some of the Queen’s most memorable moments in the gallery below.

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The Queen’s Most Memorable Moments

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