Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Dinner With Her Teenage Son Is A ‘Struggle’: ‘He Only Wants Chicken Nuggets And French Fries And Gatorade’

Even Gwyneth Paltrow, founder of Goop and all-around health nut, feeds her son chicken nuggets.

While speaking at ” A Goop Morning in Celebration of First International Campaign with Flow Alkaline Spring Water” Paltrow admitted that like every other teenage boy, her son has grown to love Fornite and chicken nuggets.

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On the panel, Paltrow, 46, joked, “We have a Fortnite situation at my house” referring to how she deals with screen time for Moses, 13, and Apple, 15.

She added, “He only wants chicken nuggets and French fries and Gatorade. It’s like a war every day.”

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The actress has tried to make “little poke bowls” so the kids “can choose what they want in it” but dinner time with her son is still a “struggle”.

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