Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Private Wedding Photos Leaked

Only select images from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2018 wedding were released to the public, but a leak from their photographer’s computer has surfaced new pictures.

Snaps on Alexi Lubomirski’s private computer resulted in hundreds of photos being stolen reports The Sun.

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“There was an online compromise,” a royal source said. “Pictures were hacked then leaked. There was an internal investigation but police weren’t involved. The situation has now been contained.”

It is understood the leak happened last September with the images just now popping up around social media.

The images all have “preview” watermarked on them. ET Canada has confirmed that one photo features the Duchess smiling and looking at the camera while Prince Harry closes his eyes and rests his head against hers.

Lubomirski took both the official engagement photos as well as the official wedding pictures at Windsor Castle.

“Every time Harry or Meghan would talk, one would look at the other and there would be this little sparkle, this little giggle, a little nudge of the elbow and it was so cute. They get in their own little world,” the celebrity photographer said of the couple.

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On Saturday, Meghan is expected to make her first public appearance since giving birth last month for Trooping the Colour– the Queen’s official birthday parade.

ET Canada has reached out to Buckingham Palace regarding the leak.



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