As a proud Australian, how well does Chris Hemsworth know his Aussie slang?

That’s what the Aussie YouTuber known as Ozzy Man wanted to know, and used the opportunity of interviewing Hemsworth during the press junket for the “Men in Black: International” press tour to quiz him on some popular Aussie slang terms.

Hemsworth proved himself to be a vast receptacle of Down Under slang, quickly offering definitions for such terms as “fair dinkum” (which Hemsworth defined as a “solid sort of ‘absolutely'”), “capper,” “prang” and more.

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Hemsworth also easily recalled who “Toady” is (a character on Australian soap “Neihbours”) and delivered a classic Alf Stewart phrase (“Aye, ya flamin’ galah”), but had a bit of trouble with the definition of doing “a Harold Holt” (referring to the former Australian prime minister who went for a swim and was never seen again), and also had some difficulty recalling the lyrics to AC/DC’s “T.N.T.”.

The quiz portion of the interview starts just after the 4:00 mark in the video above.