Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh turned heads when she walked the red carpet at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in a skimpy, flesh-baring dress, and her choice of outfit could land her a hefty fine from the government of her homeland.

Vietnam’s VN Express International newspaper reports that the Vietnamese government is considering levying a large fine on 29-year-old model and fashion designer.

According to the newspaper, her dress — which she wore on May 19 — has been described as “sexually explicit,” “weird” and “gross.”

David Fisher/Shutterstock
David Fisher/Shutterstock

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Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Vietnams’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that Trinh disgraced the nation in the eyes of the international community by wearing a dress that violated the country’s accepted standards of decency.

“She is not an artist that the ministry sent to the event,” said the minister during a session of the National Assembly in Hanoi. “Her outfit was improper, offensive and has caused public outrage.”

As a result, he added, the ministry is looking at current laws that allow the government to impose cash penalties on people who wear revealing or suggestive clothing in public.

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