Russell Crowe Finds It ‘Really Boring’ To Talk About Weight Gain To Play Fox News CEO Roger Ailes In ‘The Loudest Voice’

Many actors have undergone dramatic weight gains and/or losses for roles, and Russell Crowe is the latest star to pack on the pounds for a project.

In upcoming Showtime miniseries “The Loudest Voice”, the “Gladiator” Oscar winner portrays late Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who died in 2017 after stepping down amidst numerous accusations of sexual misconduct.

As the 55-year-old actor tells Entertainment Weekly, he had bulked up a bit for his role in director Joe Edgerton’s “Boy Erased” and kept things going to play the heavyset Ailes in “The Loudest Voice”, which chronicles Ailes’ creation of the right-wing cable news channel and his ultimate fall from grace.

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“Well, I’d actually just done a thing for Joe Edgerton and I was on my way back down to [a normal weight],” Crowe tells EW. “If I’m adjusting weight, I try not to do it suddenly. I’ve learned my lessons from the past. You go up gradually and you come down gradually. So, I was part way through that. I was, I don’t know, thirty pounds or something into that, and this came up and so I went back the other way.”

While gaining weight helped him prepare for the role, Crowe also credits the miniseries’ makeup artists.

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“The transformation really with this is largely to do with the skill of the makeup guys,” Crowe says. “It wasn’t something that I was fully focused on when I first said, ‘Yes.’ But then, when I started getting into it, I realized I actually can’t do this without prosthetic makeup. So, we used Adrien Morot, who I worked with before on ‘Noah’. At the beginning, our first applications were taking five and six hours, but we eventually got that down to under three. And you put prosthetics on, and you’ve also got the problem of taking them off at the end of the day, and sometimes that would take two hours. So, when you add that on top of your work day, it means that every day is extreme.”

However, Crowe insists that he’s not particularly enthusiastic about discussing how he prepares for a role, preferring instead to talk about actually playing it.

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“I’ve really stopped talking to people about preparation,” he adds. “Because preparation becomes the article. It becomes what people talk about. And that’s really boring. The mathematics of how you get there is nowhere near as much fun as what you did when you got there.”

“The Loudest Voice” debuts on Sunday, June 30.

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