WATCH: Megan Fox Displays Her Psychic Powers On ‘Chelsea’

The Long Island Psychic had better watch her back, because Megan Fox has just revealed she may have some spooky ESP-type abilities of her own.

During this week’s appearance on “Chelsea”;, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”; star claimed she sensed some spirits through host Chelsea Handler’s dog, Chunk.

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“What I got was that there’s a soul that’s around you, around your dog, that was a child that was conceived at some point — that’s yours, that’s over there with your mother,”; Megan tells Chelsea, who appears dubious. “And they do sort of watch over you through the dog.”;

And while the actress claims she’s not a psychic, Chelsea begs to differ: “You sound like a psychic,”; she exclaims.

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However, Megan explains that Chelsea has nothing to worry about, since those spirits are watching over her and keeping her safe — which worries Chelsea: “I didn’t feel like that ever until you came on here and told me that my baby is running around watching me with my dog!”;


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