Let it never be said that Celine Dion doesn’t think of the well-being of her fans.

The Quebec-born chanteuse made that abundantly clear on Saturday night while performing the final show in her Las Vegas residency, closing out a 16-year stint that comprised 1,141 shows and boasted ticket sales in excess of $400 million.

Not only did the 51-year-old singer introduce a brand-new song at the concert, TMZ reports that she also brought the entire show to a halt when a fan seated in the front row got up to go to the bathroom.

Dion couldn’t help but notice, and pressed the “pause” button on her performance until he returned to his seat.

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“I love you too,” she told the fan when he returned from the restroom, joking, “but I’m not going to shake your hand — not that I don’t trust you.”

She then proceeded to bump elbows with the fan, telling him him proudly, “We all waited for you!”

After he thanked her, she joked, “Of course, he’s broke — I mean, two tickets to come and see this last show? Of course he’s broke. Of course I’m gonna wait for you to come back.”

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Meanwhile, check out the new song that Dion debuted at her final Vegas show, “Flying On My Own”, off her forthcoming album, Courage.