Justin Bieber Was ‘Joking’ About Tom Cruise Fight: ‘He’d Probably Whoop My A**’

For no apparent reason, Justin Bieber wants to face off against Tom Cruise.

The pop idol turned to Twitter where he put out the challenge.

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He then questioned who would host the fight, tagging UFC president Dana White.



MMA superstar Conor McGregor is evidently a big fan of the idea, offering in a tweet to host the Bieber vs. Cruise fight through his company McGregor Sports and Entertainment.

At the same time, McGregor also threw in a challenge to fight Mark Wahlberg.

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While Bieber’s proposal to Cruise seemed to confuse the internet, the singer is finally clearing the air.

The Biebs was caught on camera by TMZ while leaving his wife Hailey Baldwin’s fashion office when he revealed that he was kidding about the whole situation.

“He’d probably whoop my a**,” he said of Cruise.

Neither Cruise nor White has responded to Bieber’s request.

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