Amy Adams and Richard Madden are the latest actors to pair up for Variety‘s Actors On Actors series. The “Sharp Objects” and “Bodyguard” stars sat down to discuss all things acting — including the vulnerability that comes with nude scenes.

“I always find that there’s something when you’ve not got your clothes on, when you are in bed with someone, there’s a way you speak to each other, there’s a side that you expose that we just couldn’t do if we were both fully dressed in bed,” Madden says. The 32-year-old Scottish actor, best known for his role as Robb Stark on “Game Of Thrones” and in the thriller “Bodyguard”, admits to Adams that sometimes it’s hard to be clothed under the covers while filming an intimate scene.

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“[T]hat’s even harder to do the thing that you’re supposed to do when you’re naked but you’re clothed and hiding something that’s going on,” he says during their 30-minute chat.

“Sharp Objects” star Adams says seeing Madden dive into the intense “Bodyguard” role, filled with tension and anxiety, must have taken a huge emotional toll on the actor off-screen.

It’s hard because I’m not a method actor in any way, but you kind of can’t come out of it between takes or at night, because I get home and I’ve got eight hours till I’m back in makeup again,” he explains. “I can’t get happy again because I need to bring myself all the way down. It’s just a constant level of anxiety; it gets destructive, actually.”

The feeling is something the 44-year-old actress can relate to, telling Madden she too has felt like that, especially after the birth of her daughter Aviana in 2010.

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“I couldn’t come out of characters. I went through a particularly challenging shoot, and what I realized is, I’ve gotta figure out how to come out of it or I can’t do it,” she says, adding that it takes practice and routine to consciously get out of character. “I try not to use my experiences. I work really hard not to carry past experiences around with me on a daily basis, so to access them for work feels like I’m trudging into stuff I want to work through. I try to create a space for my characters where I can live and use my relationship with pain or anger or fear or anxiety, but I don’t use my own experiences.”

Adams reveals she was able to identify with “Bodyguard” because she considers herself “anxious and paranoid.” But for Madden, the struggle comes when he tries to keep his personality out of the characters he plays, admitting sometimes it can be a detriment to not dive into his own experiences to inform his performances.

“I’m very much against actors using acting as therapy. But I’ve gotten in my way a lot on jobs where I don’t access my own things, and you end up not kind of doing the job you should because you can’t access those things,” he explains.

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