Rex, Mr. Potato Head and Bo Peep are just a few of the toys that Woody and Buzz Lightyear have grown up with over the past 25 years, and so you would think that they would be ready for a new friend in “Toy Story 4”.

The newest character, Duke Caboom — a ’70s toy created in honour of Canada’s greatest (and fictional) stuntman — soars into the animated flick with the help of Keanu Reeves’ voice.

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But while sitting down in an exclusive interview with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen admit that they were a little afraid of the film’s newest addition for one hilarious reason.

“I just saw ‘John Wick’ 4 or 3 and I go, ‘Good Lord, I don’t want to get this guy upset.’ Keep him away from the knives!” Allen hilariously reveals.

“I laughed my head off when they said, ‘This is a new character, it’s called Duke Caboom. He’s Canada’s No. 1 stunt man’. I said ‘I’m in,'” Hanks recalls.

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“I did not meet Keanu Reeves until we took a picture with the whole cast about a month ago. You don’t work together on this,” the 62-year-old “Cast Away” star says. “We hear about how great he is, they might show us, you know, a little clip of something that he did but you don’t get to interact with the other cast members on ‘Toy Story’ movies.

“You imagine them, which kind of drives you a little nutty, and in your mind you see these people and you have visions of what they are.”

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However, when it comes to the vision behind “Toy Story 4”, Hanks reveals why it took creators nine years after the third instalment to release this chapter to the public.

“It’s a labour of import, we don’t take it lightly because the Pixar people, they don’t take it lightly. We don’t bang out these ‘Toy Story’ movies,” he insists. “They take a long time in order to simmer and kind of like decide whether or not it’s worth doing at all. Is it gonna be good enough? No one wants to have an OK ‘Toy Story’ movie out there.”

“But they have a lot to live up to. Everyone gets better and better. I find it very courageous that they come back and do this again,” Allen says.

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“Toy Story 4” hits theatres on June 20.