Ruby Rose Makes History As TV’s First Gay Live-Action Superhero In ‘Batwoman’

Ruby Rose is ready to make history in “Batwoman” as the first-ever gay superhero lead in a live-action TV series.

“When people see the show, they will understand why this character is so important to me and why, after reading the script, it was a no-brainer that I would happily spend as long as I’m allowed to playing this character over trying to find new ones,” Rose says to Adweek for its June cover story.

Rose, the openly gay former Australian model-turned-MTV VJ and actress, will take on the role of Kate Kane, cousin to Bruce Wayne, in the new series for the CW. “Batwoman” will focus on Kane’s return to Gotham after years of off-the-grid training to discover Batman has been MIA for the past three years, leaving her with no choice but to step up and fill the bat-shaped void.

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It’s not just Rose who is excited to see herself representing the LGBTQ+ community in the superhero role. Series showrunner Caroline Dries is also empowered by the chance to showcase a story like Kate Kane’s on TV screens.

“To have the super-strong badass lead character be the base of the show, and that her love story is the love story of the show, is so groundbreaking and so important to me, as somebody who’s gay,” she says. “If I’d had this show as a 15-year-old, my life would have been so different. It would’ve been so much less depressing, and it would’ve felt like I had so much more support.”

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Fans got their first glimpse of Rose in the role during the CW’s annual crossover superhero extravaganza. The actress admits she’s now more in-tune with the character than she was back then: “I had no idea what I was doing! Because I didn’t know Kate like I know Kate now.”

While Rose is grateful to play an out-lesbian superhero, she says the character and storylines still need to be authentic and more than just a “cool idea.”

“There’s so much in it that I think friends, or me when I was younger, or fans, or anyone can watch and feel part of their story is being told,” she adds. “The story they’re telling me is so much more in-depth, real, grounded, heartbreaking, and wild than what I anticipated.”


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