Catherine O’Hara Plans On Being Moira Rose In Her Everyday Life: ‘She’s Too Much Fun To Play’

Beloved “Schitt’s Creek” might be coming to an end, but Catherine O’Hara plans on keeping Moira Rose alive and well.

“I’ll probably just continue being like this in life,” O’Hara said of her eccentric character. “I’ll just keep my character. She’s too much fun to play.”

Although the show almost looked completely different as the “Home Alone” alum nearly didn’t take the part in the Eugene and Daniel Levy created hit.

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Speaking to IndieWire, the Toronto born actress said, “I wasn’t so much reluctant to work with Eugene and Daniel, but maybe it was a kind of laziness to sign on to something that might be long-term.”

She added, “I think it was a fear of what I was locking myself into character-wise. Asking myself, ‘What can I co-create that I will want to live with for this long?’ But I was really lucky, because it’s been lovely.”

Eugene commented that O’Hara was always the first choice for Moira, but compromise was the name of the game just to get her into the studio.

“So I just said, ‘Well, why don’t you come in and do the pilot for ‘Schitt’s Creek’ with no strings attached? If the pilot gets picked up, you’re not committed to do the series, but if you could come in and help us out with the pilot, that would be terrific,’” he said.

The history between the two goes all the way back to working at Second City in Toronto together in the early days of their careers.

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“Our agreed upon answer is that we work in a similar way. We take comedy seriously, and we try to make it as organic to the characters as possible,” O’Hara recalled of Second City and Eugene. “He really is a gentleman, and he doesn’t like confrontation, so it’s made me more careful if I have something to say about a thing the script that I’d like changed, he’s taught me to not bring anything else into it. It’s about the work. Focus on the work.”




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