‘Queer Eye”s Jonathan Van Ness Reveals He Is Nonbinary

One of the stars of Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, Jonathan Van Ness, has revealed he is nonbinary and gender-nonconforming.

In an interview with Out magazine, Van Ness said, “The older I get, the more I think that I’m nonbinary. I’m gender nonconforming. Like, some days I feel like a man, but then other days I feel like a woman.”

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Van Ness admits that this isn’t new, he just never knew what to call it. “I’ve been wearing heels and wearing makeup and wearing skirts and stuff for a minute, honey,” he added. “I just didn’t know that that meant that I had a title.”

His hopes are that he can “breakdown stereotypes of the binary.”

“It’s this social construct that I don’t really feel like I fit into the way I used to,” he said. “I always used to think, ‘Oh, I’m like a gay man,’ but I think any way I can let little boys and little girls know that they can express themselves … no matter how they present is really important and exciting.”

Growing up, the hair stylist said he would “put on every nail polish, every heel, every scarf” but was made to feel ashamed so “it had to be behind closed doors.”

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“I just am either like gender-bendy or nonconform-y or nonbinary and somedays I feel like a boy and somedays I feel like a girl,” Van Ness said. “I didn’t think I was allowed to be nonconforming or genderqueer or nonbinary — I was just always like ‘a gay man’ because that’s just the label I thought I had to be.”

Adding, “Comments come from everyone, but I really feel like if you’re expressing yourself and like that’s what you really feel, then I don’t care. I’m just being who I wanna be.”



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