Howie Mandel Still Doesn’t Understand Women Despite Being Married For 40 Years

“Maybe you can help me with this,” Howie Mandel asked Ellen DeGeneres while on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

“I don’t understand women,” he said as he explained how when his wife vents about an issue, she doesn’t want him to solve it, she just wants him to listen.

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To the comedian’s surprise, the audience all agreed with his wife. He then joked about how his wife called him from the side of the freeway where the car had broken down.

“I just hung up the phone,” he teased, adding that she said she could solve her own problems.

His visit to the show was also a chance to confront DeGeneres about almost killing him.

He recalled a February visit to the show for a segment called “The Masked Dancer” and his inability to breathe once he had the mask on.

“Those aren’t good masks,” he said. “It’s airtight, I almost died.”

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Mandel’s full interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” airs June 11.




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