Shailene Woodley Does Meryl Streep’s ‘Big Little Lies’ Scream With Jimmy Fallon

Meryl Streep got all her stress out in the “Big Little Lies” premiere with a high-pitched scream, and Shailene Woodley showed Jimmy Fallon how it’s done.

Woodley was on “The Tonight Show” on Monday, and to open the show, Fallon checked in on her backstage where she taught him how to do the scream.

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The two were having so much fun that the Roots’ Black Thought got in on the action.

During the interview, the subject turned to Meryl Streep’s performance in “Big Little Lies” once again.

Woodley talked about working with the legendary actress and shared the way Streep intelligently connected the dots between lines she had several pages apart in the script.

“She reads scripts differently from anyone I’ve ever known,” Woodley said.

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Also on the show, Woodley joined Fallon for an intense game of “Catchphrase” against Black Thought and guest Brian Tyree Henry.

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