Billy Porter Knocks Everyone Out With Broadway Karaoke During Tonys Ad Break

The biggest performance at the 2019 Tony Awards wasn’t even broadcast but luckily James Corden had us all covered.

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On “The Late Late Show” Monday, the Tonys host explained that at one point during the awards show he got “Pose” star Billy Porter to do a bit of Broadway karaoke with “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from the musical Gypsy. The only problem was, it all happened during the commercial break.

Luckily people in the auditorium captured the whole thing on their cellphones, and Corden had it all stitched together into a single, amazing video.

In the clip, Porter starts off in the audience; by the end, he’s up on stage, with the crowd up on their feet cheering.

Speaking to Variety about the whole thing, Porter said, “Everybody is like, ‘That had to be planned,’ but I didn’t know what that b***h was gonna ask me to do! I’m crossing the stage to do my little thing, and Corden is like, ‘I need you to do karaoke!’ I’m like, ‘Okay, what does that mean?’ Lucy Liu’s trying to airdrop me some pictures. Here she comes. Here Corden comes. He has the book. I’m like, ‘Oh, you mean for real!’”

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The only problem was Porter’s glasses.

“These are not readers — they’re distance,” he explained, “so I’m like, ‘I literally can’t see what’s on it.’ So, I just go, okay, the first on the list: ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses.’ He starts playing. Wrong key. I know the song, and I know if we try to play in the key he’s playing in, we busted. So, I ask for a change of key, we sing it, and all I’m thinking about is time: Is the commercial over? But I look over at Corden and he wants the whole song – what’s a b***h supposed to do? I was called upon!”

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