Tommy Lee Takes Swipe At Courtney Love After She Criticizes Mötley Crüe Movie ‘The Dirt’

Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee is not impressed with Courtney Love after she mocked the band’s Netflix biopic “The Dirt”.

Love called the flick “so stupid and vile about women, and just f**king dumb,” in a chat for Interview magazine published last week.

Lee noticed the comments online and took to Twitter to say: “Hey @Courtney When’s your movie coming out? Oh wait…. Never!!!!!”

The film is based on the rockers’ biography The Dirt: Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band.

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Love also said of watching the film with a bunch of her friends: “It was super fun to groan together.”

“We had jasmine tea. We all got our bodies worked on and watched this white rapper named Machine Gun Kelly, and we just made jokes. I was like, ‘When’s Ozzy gonna snort the ant?’ Then, within seconds, he snorted the ant.”

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“Then the Nikki Sixx character was like, ‘I have a new girlfriend. She’s sweet. She’s wonderful.’ I was like, ‘And her name is heroin.’ Two seconds later: ‘Her name is heroin.’ I was killing it.”

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