One of the most enjoyable surprises from the recent Netflix rom-com “Always Be My Maybe” is a hilarious cameo by Keanu Reeves, who plays an eccentric version of himself as the rebound beau of Ali Wong’s character.

During her Monday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Wong admitted she thrilled that Reeves had agreed to be in the Netflix movie, which also stars Randall Park (“Fresh Off the Boat”).

“I still can’t believe he did it,” Wong told host Jimmy Kimmel. “And we didn’t know if he was going to show up to the premiere.”

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In fact, Wong said she fully expected the “John Wick” star to be a no-show at the premiere and was understandably thrilled when he did turn up.

Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock
Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock

“He hadn’t seen any of the other scenes in the movie ‘cause he shot with us for four days — he only shot [his] scenes — and he hadn’t seen any footage of the movie, so we didn’t know how he was gonna react,” says Wong.

“He happened to be sitting right behind me during the movie and the whole time I could hear him go ‘ha-ha-ha’,” she continued, imitating Reeves’ distinctive laugh. “That sounds very disingenuous, but if you spend time with Keanu, that’s his laugh.”

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Meanwhile, Reeves’ brief appearance in the film has already spawned a hilarious meme, with footage of his slow-mo walking set to a variety of different music: