On Tuesday night’s edition of “America’s Got Talent”, the judges had their minds blown by what they thought would be a ballet performance but wound up becoming something far weirder.

Taking to the stage in a black tutu, 21-year-old ballerina Marina Mazepa starts off her act with some ballet music and accompanying graceful movements — until the music abruptly changes to a jarring techno, which leads her to ditch the ballet and begin showing off her skills as a contortionist.

The judges were stunned — Howie Mandel’s jaw literally dropped — and professional dancer Julianne Hough was beyond impressed with her body-twisting, back-bending movements.

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All four judges gave her their assent, passing her through to the next round unanimously.

By the way, Mazepa should be familiar to viewers of “So You Think You Can Dance”, delivering a similarly crazy audition on that show last summer. Watch:

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