David Beckham And His Father Ted Have A Parenthood Heart-To-Heart

Being a father is one of the most important things in David Beckham’s life, but he’s also a son.

In a new Father’s Day video for Haig Club, the soccer superstar sits down with his father Ted Beckham to talk about the joys of fatherhood.

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“You’ve turned out exactly how I want you,” Ted says to his son.

Looking back on his childhood, David tells his father, “The moment I got home from school, I’d turn around to you and say, ‘Let’s go to the park or let’s go out in the garden.’ And you never said no to me.”

The 44-year-old also talks about becoming a parent himself.

“When you actually become a parent, it changes you in so many different ways,” he says, to which Ted adds, “You just want to be with them. It does make you grow up and feel special.”

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David continues, “I remember the moment when Brooklyn was born, I slept with my head against the door because I was so worried that someone was going to come in. I don’t think that ever changes, you always worry about them.”

His father tells him, “That’s a part of being parents. What I’m chuffed about with your boys is how polite they are.”

David has four children with his wife Victoria Beckham. Their first son Brooklyn was born in 1999. He was followed by Romeo in 2002, Cruz in 2005, and daughter Harper in 2011.

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