Tom Hanks And Tim Allen Get Tested On Their Knowledge Of Black Culture

Tom Hanks is a true man of the people.

On the promotional tour for “Toy Story 4”, Hanks and co-star Tim Allen sat down for an interview with Xilla Valentine, a.k.a. BlogXilla, who gave them a little test.

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Noting the fact that when he searches Hanks’ name on YouTube, the first result is his “Black Jeopardy!” sketch from Global’s “Saturday Night Live”, BlogXilla plays a game to see if they have a “black card.”

He describes a scenario in which they’re playing Spades against a couple of guys who are “talking crap the whole game.”

“What do you do?” BlogXilla asks. “Do you bid nine, or do you bid 10, go wheels and go all out for it?”

Without any hesitation, Hanks says, “Ten. Go all out.”

Allen hedges, saying, “I’ve been working Vegas for 30 years. I don’t gamble. I don’t play cards.”

But then Hanks took things to the next level, explaining, “There’s not really money necessarily involved in Spades, it’s just cred. I throw deep, baby. I go deep.”

With Allen looking confused and admitting, “I don’t know what you guys are talking about,” Hanks went on, “Now when I was [growing up] in Oakland, California, we all played Whist. Kids were playing Whist, man,” imitating kids throwing down cards.

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On Twitter, fans were absolutely loving Hanks’ knowledge of Spades, Whist, and black culture generally. Others, however, didn’t know what to make of Allen.

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