Audiences in the US got a taste of Spring Breakers this weekend and they loved it!

In just two cities, New York and LA,  it made $270,000 which puts it in some pretty good company. The film’s per-screen ranks better than the opening averages of Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. Oscars here we come! (maybe not) We sat down with the girls in Los Angeles and they couldn’t be more excited for the film to go wide – just in time for Spring Break!

“So much fun,”; Vanessa Hudgens tells our Matte Babel. “I mean in between setups, we were just listening to music, dancing, screaming honey boo boo child lines, we were just like crazy. Just so much fun.”;

Ashley Benson couldn’t agree more: “It didn’t feel like work really, it was such a good time.”;

And in a break from her usual good-girl roles, Selena Gomez, says she’s happy with the outcome of her decision to take on a more rebellious character. “At the end of the day we are making a movie we’re super proud of,”; she reveals to Matte. “This is a decision we were all super stoked about and wanted to be a part of something special. In a way we hope they can differentiate who we are and the characters in the movie.”;

Of course Selena is not only taking over the big screen, her Wizards of Waverly Place one-hour TV reunion special aired on the weekend and she’s about to hit the airwaves again, prepping her new album!

Now we all know musicians like Taylor Swift are itching to get back at their ex-boyfriends with newly minted singles… but does that mean Selena is joining those ranks with a Bieber Bash? “I don’t think I have ever really been that telling in my music to be honest,”; Selena admits. “I think as a musician I love to entertain and I love being on stage and being with a crowd, it’s a great feeling and I want to make music that makes people feel good and music they can dance to.”;

But Selena adds, “to be honest, the record I am doing now has a few songs that are a little personal about things that I have gone through, but other than that I think people still don’t really, actually I know, they really don’t know what’s going on. And I like that, I think that it’s easy to separate when I am not trying to necessarily tell to many stories with my music, as it’s more about making you guys feel good when you listen to the songs.”;

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