Jennifer Aniston Says Ross And Rachel Would Still Be Together On ‘Friends’

Jennifer Aniston says on-again-off-again couple Ross and Rachel would still be “on” today on “Friends”.

In a new interview with Natalie Morales to promote her Netflix comedy “Murder Mystery” with Adam Sandler on “Today”, the actress, 50, says she believes her “Friends” alter ego Rachel would still be happily married to David Schwimmer’s Ross.

“Yes. Absolutely,” she replied when asked about Rachel’s relationship status. Trying to figure out where the couple and their daughter, Emma, would be at this stage in life, Aniston mused about what the Geller family would look like 15 years after the series finale.

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“Emma’s grown up. She’s in college? Not yet. High school? Yeah. She’s in high school. Let’s say junior high,” Aniston postulates.

“She’s vaping in high school, and you’re just looking the other way. Way to go,” Sandler jokes.

Sadly, no mention of Ben, Ross’s son from a previous marriage, is made.

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