Billy Eichner Shouts ‘Wait For Me, I’m Gay!’ As He And Conan O’Brien Are A Couple Of ‘Clueless Gamers’

Conan O’Brien has found another celebrity who is as bad at video games as he is.

On Tuesday’s “Conan”, guest Billy Eichner joined the host for a new edition of “Clueless Gamer”.

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The duo played the racing game Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, though things immediately got off to a rocky start when the gaming system refused to turn on properly.

But with the help of a crack team of tech staff, everything got sorted and O’Brien and Eichner were off to the races.

With O’Brien soon in the lead, Eichner hilariously yelled out, “Wait for me, I’m gay.”

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After the race was over, the host asked Eichner if he thought that was “an appropriate slogan” to move the fight for equality forward.

“Yes, that’s Pete Buttigieg’s campaign slogan,” Eichner joked, referring to the openly gay U.S. presidential candidate from Indiana.

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