Gayle King Talks Oprah Winfrey Friendship And Her Future At CBS News: ‘I Pictured Myself Somewhere Else’

Gayle King discusses everything from her $11-million deal with CBS to her friendship with Oprah Winfrey in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

It was reported last month that King doubled her previous salary following her explosive interview with R. Kelly.

In THR‘s piece, her friend Winfrey says nothing surprised her about the interview, which made headlines around the world.

Credit: Mackenzie Stroh
Credit: Mackenzie Stroh

Winfrey shares, “[R. Kelly] was a very telling and seminal moment for people to see her in a way that she hadn’t been seen.

“But I will tell you, absolutely nothing about her ability to handle that interview surprised me. Because I had seen her do that in many other circumstances.”

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King and Winfrey met when King was a production assistant at WJZ in Baltimore. Winfrey was an anchor there.

King recalls of the media mogul, “Oprah was huge, and I was a local news anchor in Connecticut. She lived in this lavish apartment. And I can remember going home and my [ex-husband, William Bumpus] and I, we didn’t even have $10 to go to the movies, the kids’ shoes are laying around, the house is not grand. But I was still so happy that I had that life.”

King, who is single and lives on New York’s Upper West Side, also talks about her future and her hopes of one day living in Los Angeles.

The TV personality tells the mag, “I did picture myself somewhere else. But I want to see this through. And my heart is really rooted at CBS.”

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She adds, “I am now a part of that history. Let’s see what we do.”

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