Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Favourite Rachel Storyline From ‘Friends’, Talks ‘Murder Mystery’ With Adam Sandler

Ever since appearing on “Ellen” earlier this month, Jennifer Aniston has fuelled the rumours of a “Friends” reunion.

As it turns out, this September the beloved comedy series will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its pilot.

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ET Canada’s Sangita Patel caught up with Aniston and her co-star Adam Sandler for their new film “Murder Mystery”, and just had to know which of Rachel Green’s storylines was the most memorable for her.

“I would probably say having a kid. Right? On her own. That I think was a real moment for her,” the 50-year-old reveals. “And then having the sort of through line of Rachel and Ross I think that was fairly fun and special to watch.”

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Even though we know Aniston will always “be there” for Ross and Rachel’s relationship, her focus is now on her on-screen hubby, as she and Sandler team up again for Netflix’s “Murder Mystery”.

“Well, it’s 15 years into the relationship,” Aniston says of her and Sandler’s characters. “We’re in a little bit of a rut. I would like him to do something a little special.”

“We’ve been around together a long time, I’m a little unaware of this rut,” Sandler, 52, adds.

“It’s a very normal dynamic between men and women and then he surprises me and we go on a whirlwind vacation and we end up on a yacht,” the actress shares.

“Luke Evans throws a monkey wrench into the whole thing,” Sandler says.

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But, if the dynamic duo were to throw their own murder-mystery dinner, who would they invite?

“Jennifer in real life always tells me I would love to have a dinner with Courteney Cox and watch her get murdered,” the “Grown Ups” star hilariously says. “No, I’m just kidding! She’s getting mad at me. I said it for the comedy!”

“I know but sometimes it’s just bad taste and just not funny!” Aniston responds.

“Murder Mystery” premieres on Netflix on June 14.

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