Jason Sudeikis Quizzed On His Movies Based On Prompts From IMDb’s Parents Guide

How family-friendly has Jason Sudeikis’ movie career been?

That’s what the star of films ranging from “We’re the Millers” to “Angry Birds” learns firsthand during a video interview with IMDB.com that confronts him with his standing in the IMDb Parents Guide, in which the website’s users submit their own warnings about content they feel is inappropriate for children.

To give the process a game show-style element, the “Saturday Night Live” alum is asked to guess which of his movies is being described based only on prompts from IMDb’s Parents Guide.

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“The plot of this movie is drugs,” reads Sudeikis in the first prompt, which he correctly guesses as describing “We’re the Millers”.

For the next prompt, Sudeikis is presented with a list that includes 81 F-words (“and its derivatives”), 31 scatological terms and 23 anatomical terms. His first guess — “Horrible Bosses” — is incorrect, but he makes a quick comeback by correctly guessing “Horrible Bosses 2”. “I gotta be responsible for, like, 30 of those,” he quips.

He follows up by correctly guessing “Angry Birds” when presented with the “use of subtle crude phrases such as… ‘what the pluck'” that are “bound to be understood” for what they really mean by “switched-on kids.”

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Things get a little trickier when he’s presented with this: “Occasionally, for comedic effect, men will be seen in their underwear.”

Admitting that “doesn’t narrow it down,” his first guess, “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy,” is not a winner — and turns out to be describing his work on “SNL”.

However, Sudeikis is truly stumped by this one: “A man wakes up from a medical procedure and checks his genitals. No nudity is shown, but it is implied that he is relieved.”

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To find out which movie that is, check out the video above.

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