Kyle Richards On Why She Opened Up About Past Eating Disorder On ‘RHOBH’: ‘I Felt Like A Fraud’

Kyle Richards is opening up about a past eating disorder.

On Tuesday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”, the reality star confided in her co-stars about her lowest weight of 99 pounds.

“I feel really weird even saying anything — because I’ve never ever talked about this,” Richards said to the group. “Not even to my daughters, which is why I’m staying quiet because I feel weird.”

But it was Lisa Rinna’s concern for her own daughter Amelia that got Richards to open up.

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“When I was younger, I had my own problems,” she added. “It started when I was 17. I was on a TV show and I didn’t like — they kept putting me in these big things. And my boobs were big when I was young and my sisters were tiny and cute.”

Richards confessed that “for years” there were times where she would eat “six almonds” a day.

After the episode aired, the former “Little House On The Prairie” star addressed her confession again on Andy Cohen’s “Andy Cohen Live” radio show on Wednesday and explained why she finally decided to share her truth.

“I had my first baby at 19 and I was just trying to be the best mom I could be,” she said to Cohen. “I never wanted to talk about eating disorders or anything because I wanted my kids to have confidence.”

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She added, “But sitting there with Lisa Rinna in Provence and hearing her talk about Amelia, I felt like a fraud by just pretending like I didn’t know about this.”

And talking to her daughters, Farrah, 30, Alexia, 22, Sophia, 19, and Portia, 11, made her realized her “true self.”

“I got to a point – I told my daughters this – where I was obsessed,” Richards revealed. “Now, I hate saying that because I don’t want anyone to ever think this was okay. I was obsessed with being double digits. So I was trying to be 99 pounds all the time.”

But now, she’s happy with the skin she’s in, “I appreciate my boobs and my butt now but having a big butt when you are younger, it wasn’t in. The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ were my role models but not one of them had a butt or big boobs.”

“RHOBH” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Slice.

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